Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to visit your museum?

It is possible to visit our museum for groups of people. If you contact us by e-mail, tell us who you are and the reason for your visit, we will give you an answer to your request.

Is it possible to mix your colours with the colours of other manufacturers?

It is not possible for us to answer this question, because we can not know what the specific ingredients are of the colours of other manufacturers. You will have to test it yourself.

Can you give me specific information about the pigments used in your colours?

If you visit our web-site, look at the colourcharts, select a colour and click on it, the information will be there.

What does the word ‘extra’, that’s used in the names of several colours mean?

If the word ‘extra ’ is used it means that it is a traditional colour made from a lightfast pigment.
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