History of Old Holland

19th century

Increasing numbers of painters settled in The Hague at the start of the 19th century. It became a meeting place of artists. Willem Roelofs (1822 - 1897) was one of the key painters, a precursor of the 'Hague School'. He was trained at the Hague Academy. The painters of the Hague School were inspired by the Dutch landscape.

In the 19th century, The Hague became a meeting place of artistsA number of painters from the Hague school settle in the town of Laren in the Gooi region, because of the landscape. They start manufacturing their own hand-rubbed paints, and turn this into a business. The company can draw on all the knowledge of pigments and recipes for the manufacture of paints which had been passed on from generation to generation through the Saint Lucas guild, the Pictura Brotherhood of Painters, the Hague Academy and the painters of the Hague School.

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