History of Old Holland

20th century

Albert Roelofs calls the company Oudt Hollandse Olieverwenmakerij...Albert Roelofs, the son of Willem Roelofs, takes over the business in about 1905. Albert Roelofs calls the company Oudt Hollandse Olieverwenmakerij, takes over all the old recipes, engages a chemist for the latest technological developments and moves the business to Scheveningen (near The Hague). This is the reason why the name of Scheveningen often appears in the names of the colours. Many artists sing the praises of the Oudt Hollandse, and in artists' circles the name 'Scheveningen paint' becomes synonymous with quality.

The company is inherited by Albert Roelofs's son, Roelof Roelofs, and goes through some difficult years, until it is sold in 1980 to Theo de Beer, who moves the company to Driebergen, where it is still located today.

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