Safety and Health

Used normally, the products of Old Holland Classic Colours do not cause any risk to the health of the user. Well-known toxic pigments from the past, such as the infamous copper green, for example, have nowadays been replaced by synthetic pigments. Naturally, the artist must ensure good ventilation of the work area when working, prevent the products contacting the skin and prevent ingestion of the products through the mouth.

In order to prevent any risks, it is recommended that you do not smoke, eat or drink when working with the products. All the products of Old Holland meet the requirements of European legislation on labelling in the areas of the environment and health. As the requirements in the United States are different and often stricter, we comply with these requirements. Some inorganic pigments contain heavy metals such as cadmium, iron, cobalt, ceruleum, manganese and zinc. Again, with normal use and under good working conditions, these do not present any health risk.

You do need to take extra measures when using cadmium pigments for air-brush work. Avoid breathing in! Wear mouth protection. You also need to pay additional attention when using lead white to the circumstances and working method referred to above. With regard to disposal of product residues (solvents, etc.), we advise disposal in line with the regulations applicable in your country. The most important safety symbols are:

Symbol Description
This symbol is used on products which are highly inflammable. During use, ensure good ventilation and do not smoke, eat or drink. Occurs primarily in several mediums and varnishes.
This symbol is used on products which are inflammable and hazardous when ingested through the mouth or in contact with the skin. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using. Contains turpentine.
Not known as hazardous in accordance with the ASTM-D4236 standard.
Known as hazardous when used incorrectly, in accordance with the ASTM-D4236 standard. Occurs in the case of cadmium pigments, for example - pay extra attention when using in air-brush work.

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