Our extensive range of 168 colours of oils, acrylics and watercolours is unique The products of Old Holland Classic Colours are produced by our team of professional staff with care and dedication. Traditional experience, technological know-how, consultation with artists around the world result in a range of oil paints, watercolours and acrylic paints, as well as mediums, varnishes, solvents, primers, gessos and gels, of the highest quality. The pigments and mediums we use meet the highest demands in the areas of lightfastness, colour strength, brilliance and clarity. The extensive range of 168 colours of oils, watercolours and acrylics is unique. On the tubes of oil and acrylic paints you will find a hand-painted colour strip, painted with the paint from the tube in question; we have gone for a different solution on the tubes and cups of watercolour paint (see Watercolours). We think this is the only honest way for you to be able to assess the colour you are buying. Old Holland Classic Colours is the only company that still uses this traditional method.

In most of the shops selling our products, you will find a beautiful hand-painted colour card for the oils, watercolours and/or acrylics, enabling you to experience the colour nuances of each colour. We have created the colour cards which you can view on this site with the greatest of care. Nevertheless, the colours on your screen may differ slightly from that of the paint itself. Due to the continual developments in the field and our desire to ensure that we deliver the best possible products to you, the composition of our products may change. We will implement any such changes as quickly as possible on this site.