Ancient Colours

We have selected a number of unique antique pigments which are mainly used for restoration purposes and other specific applications. These colours can be ordered from Old Holland through your dealer. Please bear in mind the delivery time.

  • Lapis Lazuli
    The mineral Lapis Lazuli has been known as a semiprecious stone for around 5000 years, initially in Mesopotamia, China and Egypt. This 'real' ultramarine was always extremely expensive, and in the past was equal in value to gold. Lapis lazuli is a glazing blue pigment.
  • Egyptian Smalt
    Egyptian smalt is the oldest known cobalt pigment, dating back to ancient Egypt. It is a deep blue pigment, which in Europe became known principally through the Venetian glassmakers.
  • Malachite
    Malachite, a naturally occurring copper pigment, is perhaps the oldest green pigment, and was referred to by Cennini as 'verde azzuro'. It was used primarily in tempera mediums or frescoes. It is also known by the name mountain green.
  • Lapis Azurite
    Lapis azurite, another natural copper pigment, was the most important blue pigment used before lapis lazuli in the European renaissance paintings, primarily in tempera mediums. It is also known by the name mountain blue.