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We still make our colours using the traditional recipes and the production process used by the Old Dutch masters. Nothing surpasses the quality, colour strength and intensity.

About Old Holland

Since 1664

In 1664, various Old Dutch master painters established Old Holland. Today Old Holland is a household name among artists worldwide.

Our history

Old Holland Museum

The Old Holland production process has not changed much since 1664. Pigments and tools have improved over the ages thanks to technological developments. An evolution that has allowed us to accumulate the world’s largest collection of pigments and tools. Take a look at some showpieces.

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How it's made

What is the secret behind the quality of Old Holland oil colours, watercolours and acrylic colours? And behind our mediums, varnishes, solvents, primers and gels? They are the result of traditional experience, technological knowledge and consultations with artists from all over the world.

Our production process