Learn to paint with Old Holland colours: EVOLVE Art Program

Evolve is the World’s Simplest Art Training Method with results guaranteed. It works for 99% of students and gives you 100% of the training you need to start creating art.

Evolve is a comprehensive home-study art program that requires no previous experience and gives students a clear path to artistic mastery with oil paint. Students in the Evolve program use custom mixed Old Holland paints which ensure that everyone works with only the best materials from day one.

Everything you need is included inside a box that gets mailed to you as you complete each part of the course. Your exercises are reviewed by the Evolve instructor team who have apprenticed under master-painter Kevin Murphy. Students from all over the world connect in the online community and motivate each other as they share their journeys and progress through the program.

More info: www.EvolveArtist.com