Gesso: give more quality to your painting!

Gesso is a primer that you use on your canvas before you start painting. You can also apply gesso to other types of surfaces: wood, cardboard, glass, metal, stone etc. Using gesso gives paint a better bonding strength and prevents the paint from filtering through.

With gesso as a surface, you can paint with different materials: acrylic, oil, watercolour, egg tempera. Gesso protects the surface and gives more quality to a painting. Gesso creates a layer between the surface and the paint. Glass and metal in particular are difficult materials on which to paint directly with acrylic paint. Using gesso makes this possible. Gesso also has a protective effect on your painting against external influences.

Gesso is available standard in white and black. At Old Holland, besides white and black, gesso is also available in these colours: grey, beige, green, sienna, umber and neutral. You can also create your own gesso colour by stirring the acrylic paint through your white gesso.

You obtain the best result when you apply three or more layers of gesso. Gesso can be applied with a roller, wide brush or palette knife.

At Old Holland, gesso is sold in 500 ml jars.

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