Meet the artist: Aquil Copier

When did you first start painting? Were you born with a paint palette in hand, or did your interest in art develop over time?

It’s a classical story. When I was a kid I was drawing all the time. At a certain point at school we where at the point of choosing what directions your career was going to be. My mother advised me not to go to art school but to Graphic design school. So i could still have a creative job and make money with that. So i did.

At a certain point I was working in an advertising agency and a collegae did paint. His work was hanging in the office. He made very accessible work and that triggered me to go to the paint supply store and buy my first material to paint also. This was about 25 years ago.

Was there a moment when you decided to follow your path as an artist?

After painting for a few years I really liked it so much that I wanted to do it every day and all day. So I went to Art school in Amsterdam. From that moment I knew I was going to change my career from graphic designer to artist.

How can you describe your own style and technique?

I make non figurative fundamental paintings.

Do you have a personal favourite piece? Can you think of a piece that was particularly fun to work on?

No not really, the paintings I make are all important for me. I love to paint so I could say all my works are fun to work on. And the best moment is always when you realize a piece is finished. That always feels great.

Which artist of the past would you most like to meet?

As an old master I would have liked to meet El Greco and Hans Holbein (the younger). And more recent Frank Auerbach or Bram Bogart. But also many many more.

What is your favourite art gallery/museum and why?

In the Netherlands it is definitely museum De Pont in Tilburg. They have such an inspiring collection and always very good shows.

And in Madrid for example I love the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum. The collection there is amazing. Every piece is the best of his genre.

What was the last exhibition you went to?

Bram Bogart in Museum the Prinsenhof in Delft. Grayson Perry in Kunstmuseum Den Hague and yesterday I visited a local artspace in Amsterdam to see the show of a friend.

Which artist materials do you use and why?

I use oil paint and canvas. And I use pigments that are able to change color. So called chameleon pigments and I make my own oil paint with them for my paintings.

I also make attempts to watercolor because I love the quality of the paint but the technique is so difficult. Piles of attempt and maybe 10 a good enough to show.


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