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Meet the artist: Martine Spekschate

When did you first start painting? Were you born with a paint palette in hand, or did your interest in art develop over time?

My interest in art developed over time. As a child I drew a lot. In my teens I started to draw portraits just like my mother. She made beautiful portraits. I wanted to do that too. In my thirties I started painting. I started late because insecurity was holding me back.

Was there a moment when you decided to follow your path as an artist?

It happened during a class. It went very well and I finally knew for sure that I had to follow this path.

Martine Spekschate in her atelier

How can you describe your own style and technique?

I would describe my art style as contemporary realism. I regularly use transparent layers over a dry underpainting.

Do you have a personal favourite piece? Can you think of a piece that was particularly fun to work on?

I can’t choose one. I enjoy working on all my paintings/drawings. I learn from every portrait I make  by making progress and sometimes mistakes. I put my heart and soul into each work. That is why they are all favourites of mine. I like to portray people who have a special appearance.

Which artist of the past would you most like to meet?

If I could travel through time I would like to meet Gustav Klimt. He is my favourite portrait painter. I would love to see him work. I like all the styles he painted.  A visit to Vienna is still on my wish list.


"Flower girl" by Martine Spekschate

What is your favourite art gallery/museum and why?

My favourite museum is the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. You can see so many different great masterpieces. One day isn’t enough to see it all.

What was the last exhibition you went to?

The last exhibition I went to was of Henk Helmantel – Master painter in the Drents Museum.

A portrait by Martine Spekschate

Which artist materials do you use and why?

I mostly work with charcoal, Amsterdam acrylic paint and Old Holland oil paint. I love the vibrant colours of Old Holland. I paint on a oil prepared linen and use brushes from brands like da Vinci and Rembrandt.


"Maria Callas" by Martine Spekschate

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