Oil paint sets

15103 Wooden Oil Colour Box

Containing  34 tubes 40 ml (Colours may vary)

A1 Titanium White, A2 Zinc White, A6 Old Holland Yellow Light, B115 Flesh Tint, B10 Scheveningen Yellow Lemon, B124 Gamboge Lake Extra, C18 Scheveningen Orange, C133 Old Holland Red Gold Lake, D148 Vermilion Extra, B22 Scheveningen Red Light, C163 Alizarin Crimson Lake Extra, D181 Old Holland Magenta, C202 Dioxazine Mauve, C220 Old Delft Blue, C232 Carribean Blue, C241 Manganese Blue Deep, B37 French Ultramarine Light Extra, C247 Old Holland Cyan Blue, E250 Cobalt Blue, C49 Scheveningen Green Deep, B274 Emerald Green, B292 Sapgreen Lake Extra, B316 Naples Yellow Deep Extra, A53 Yellow Ochre Light, A56 Raw Sienna Light, B334 Transparent Oxide-Red Lake, A61 Burnt Sienna, A343 Flesh Ochre, A66 Caput Mortuum Violet (Mars), A70 Burnt Umber, A69 Raw Umber, A361 Old Holland Warm Grey Light, A74 Ivory Black Extra, 2 Bottles Of Medium, 3 Brushes, 2 Palet Cups, Charcoal and 3 Palet Knives

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