F1116 Picture Cleaner

Suitable for cleaning the varnish layer.
Due to the presence of beeswax, the painting becomes matt during drying.
Soluble in white spirit.

How to use the Picture Cleaner: 

The Picture Cleaner for paintings may only be used if there is a varnish layer (final varnish), and is purely a varnish for removing superficial dirt, for example, for removing smoke and deposits.

Step 1: First try a small area with a soft, lint-free cloth, both horizontally and vertically. No paint may be dissolved, if this happens, then the painting is either poorly varnished or not at all, then this cannot be used. Exerting too much pressure can also dissolve the layer of varnish.

Step 2: Allow to dry and polish the next day with a soft lint-free cloth. The residual wax/varnish will bring back some gloss to the painting and also serve as a protective layer.

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