Prof. Theo de Beer about Payne's Grey

In the section  “Prof. Theo de Beer about ….”  we share with you articles from the unpublished book of Professor Theo de Beer “Everything about art materials”. Prof. Theo de Beer managed the Old Holland company from 1982 till 2000 and made a huge contribution to its development.

This colour is named after Mr Payne, who came up with the idea to compose the colour. It is a mixture of blue and black, to which ochre or Mars pigments can sometimes be added as well. The colour has a distinct blue character and is usually used for painting neutral surfaces. The colour is akin to neutral tint, which is a little redder and used a lot as watercolour paint. The pigment composition varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Check these Payne’s Grey colours  in Old Holland colour collection:

Old Holland Classic Oil Colours

B214 Payne’s Grey

Old Holland Classic Watercolours

B214 Payne’s Grey

New Masters Classic Acrylics

A668 Payne’s Grey