How to clean your painting

Do you intend to clean your painting? And do you wonder how to do it using the Old Holland picture cleaner? Here is the answer.

Paintings need maintenance. Dirt particles floating in the air are deposited on the painting, but also smoke, cooking fumes from the kitchen and insects can contaminate the painting. So regular cleaning is important.

The picture cleaner is a perfect means for cleaning the varnish layer on the painting. The picture cleaner provides you with an easy and simple method of removing dust, dirt, smoke stains and oxidation products from the surface.   The product is made on the basis of a solvent, soap and beeswax. Because it contains beeswax, the painting becomes matt during the drying process.

Directions for use:

  • Shake the bottle vigorously before use.


  • Use a lint-free white fabric cloth, such as cotton. (On a white cloth it is more noticeable when the paint dissolves.)


  • Apply a little picture cleaner to the cloth.


  • Clean the varnish layer with gentle circular movements. Always start on a small area at a bottom corner of your painting. Pay attention to how the varnish layer reacts to the picture cleaner.


  • If the varnish layer is good and intact, then you can proceed with cleaning the entire painting.


  • If there are cracks in your painting, for example because it is old, or if you notice that the varnish comes off, we recommend entrusting the cleaning to a competent expert.


  • After drying (evaporation) of the cleaning agent, the picture will have a slightly matt finish due to the remaining beeswax.


  • You can retrieve the gloss by rubbing again gently with a lint-free cloth.


Please note that the picture cleaner is not intended for removing the varnish layer, but only for cleaning.